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Birch Hall romances

Kimmel, Kathleen
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Star rating for A lady's guide to ruin
Series Volume:
A romantic debut starring a reluctant earl and the beautiful thief who has put them both in danger—and stolen his heart...
Joan Price is a wanted woman. A thief and a fugitive from the mental hospital where she was falsely committed, she's now on the run from her former partners in crime. But luck must be on her side—just when it seems all is doomed, she runs straight into the arms of Martin Hargrove, Earl of Fenbrook, who mistakes...
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Star rating for A gentleman's guide to scandal
Series Volume:
Passions and tensions run high in the latest scandalous Birch Hall romance from the author of A Lady's Guide to Ruin.

Even men of great certainty can be completely clueless when it comes to matters of the heart.

Colin Spenser, Marquess of Farleigh, is shocked when his feelings towards his best friend's sister take a turn into the realm of helpless adoration. Unfortunately, Elinor is more inclined...